Many authors have chosen to partner with Lyrical Innovations to pursue their writing goals since 2010.  This is because we know exactly how precious your works are to you and will treat them with the respect they deserve!  We have thrived by relying on 100% customer referrals for 8 years and are ready to help you reach your writing and publishing goals!

About Lyrical Innovations, LLC

We have worked in the publishing industry for over 8 years, helping dozens of influencers, thought leaders, entrepreneurs and more publish their works. We also focus on partnering with national and small businesses to enhance their professional communication strategies.


Are you an aspiring or established writer? Are you thinking about starting, enhancing, or publishing your writing project? No matter where you are in your writing process, we can help! Choose anywhere between writing coach, ghostwriting, or editing services.​


Are you ready to level up your business by adding author to your list of credentials? Doing so will give your current and potential clients a deeper knowledge of your expertise and credibility. We can also help you write powerful speeches and create targeted content on your blog, website, and social media profiles. Contact us today about our customized packages that will increase your exposure.


Are you ready to publish your first or second masterpiece and unsure of the process? We can help you convert your manuscript into a published book or e-book in a matter of weeks. Wanting to revise or enhance one of your published works? Contact us today to learn more about the self and traditional publishing process.​

We’ve worked on every kind of project, from science fiction to memoirs, steamy romance novels to behavioral health reference books. One thing remains the same across all channels: meaningful content and error-free work is a must in order to establish credibility and respect in the publishing industry.”

Eryka Parker

Ghostwriter, Writing Coach, Book Manager, and Founder of Lyrical Innovations, LLC


Book Management Services

Our book management services include content creation and enhancement, creative marketing strategies, target market identification, product positioning, and publishing assistance.  We are knowledgeable about every step in the publishing process and can assist you with achieving the results you desire.

Ghostwriting and Book Development

Are you a thought leader, influencer or subject matter expert who is ready to take your career to the next level? Do you have an idea for a book or want to begin publishing journal entries or blogs based on your years of experience and expertise but have no time to research, plan and write it? We have found success in our partnerships with professionals looking to expand their credibility through publishing their work.

Writing Coach Services​

Do you have an idea for a book but lack the capabilities to research, plan, organize, and write one? In order to properly represent you and your ideas, Lyrical Innovations provides group and one-on-one sessions to help cultivate your writing skills. We partner with you to provide the support and confidence needed to complete your project by your desired deadline.​

Conversions to Book Format

Do you have experience presenting or producing content and want something tangible to sell at your events?  We can assist you with converting your screenplay, presentation, and other projects to a novel, instructional handbook, guide, or manual or other written format.    Ask us how!

Blogging, Social Media, and Website Content​

We can assist you with presenting your book to major retailers around the world. We work closely with authors to ensure a publishing experience that is seamless, from cover and interior book design to e-book formatting, to distribution.​

Speech Writing

We offer speech writing for any occasion, allowing you the opportunity to shine, stress-free!  We conduct the research, collaborate with you, and coach you through the delivery process to ensure you are ready to slay on your big day!

Beta Read

We provide detailed feedback to further develop your content and deepen your impact. We offer insightful observations and trigger solution-oriented thought processes to help you move forward in the writing process.

Vibe Sessions ​

Are you interested in meeting and networking with like-minded people?
Join us for our monthly writers’ support group, also known as Vibe Sessions.

Media and Testimonials

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